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With our help the Choice of
Kitchen is up to you.

Whether you’re looking for a full custom kitchen where everything is done for you by the one team, or a flatpack kitchen or maybe you’re ready to take on a DIY project – to only wanting someone to design the perfect kitchen for you.
Kitchen Choices is your answer.

Kitchen Choices is a one stop solution for your new Kitchen project.
You can now stop driving around Melbourne to different kitchen companies, answering the same questions over and over again only to get the same cryptic answers while getting no closer to any solution to your Kitchen.

Finally – Kitchens Choices is here for you.

Many people are unsure of the path to their new Kitchen. Should we get a Kitchen Company that will do all the work for us? Or, do we have a go at doing some of the work ourselves? What about a FlatPack option? These days everyone is talking about DIY Kitchens, what are the pro’s & con’s with that?

That’s where Kitchen Choices come in. Before you can really decide which direction to take with the supply & installation of your kitchen you need to know the Design of your new Kitchen because often the design and space you have to work with will determine your installation pathway.

For example, if you have a limited space and wish to maximise every part of the area you have available, a cookie cutter Flatpack option may leave you with empty unused areas and large unsightly filler panels between cabinets. Here, a customised design approach is needed to make full use of the space and take the kitchen to a professional looking outcome you will be proud of and love using everyday.

At Kitchen Choices We can come to you.
We offer personalised consultations where we discuss your style preferences, installation options, and material choices including the latest SILICA FREE options for your benchtop. With our professional kitchen design software, we create 3D images of your new kitchen, allowing you to visualise the end result.

Even if an in-person meeting isn’t possible, simply provide us with measurements, photos, and a design brief, and we’ll work on the design remotely, followed by a virtual meeting.

Kitchen Choices work together a small group of select companies that specialise in their chosen kitchen package style, that will benefit you and give a lasting professional finish to your project.

Contact us and start the process. Don’t forget it’s a Free In Home Consultation.
Limited time only usually $250.00..

Why use Kitchen Choices

*Free In Home Design Consultation. (limited time)
*Professional software design with 3D viewing.
*Industry connections saving you time and money.
*4 different options for you to choose from.
*Real answers and real advise.
*Stop running around Melbourne just to get the run-a-round.
*Finally, a one stop solution to building a new Kitchen.

Contact us and start the process. Don’t forget it’s a Free In Home Consultation. Limited time only usually $250.00.

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