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Design Only

If you already have a kitchen company in mind to do your kitchen but need to formalise your design. Or just want to own the plans to take to as many Kitchen Companies as you like.

Then this is the option for you.

For a fee, you get the floor plan and elevations including dimensions of walls, cabinets and benchtops together with a 3D view of what your kitchen will look like in your space. Everything you will need to obtain an accurate price from your selected kitchen company.

Important information.
Plans designed by Kitchen Choices are as accurate as can be expected for an initial design consultation and will give as much information as can be reasonably be expected to show.
The plans are not intended to be used as final working drawing.
As with all kitchen companies they will need to confirm measurements, plans & design through an onsite check measure by their own company. This is standard practice in the kitchen industry prior to manufacture of any kitchen cabinetry.

The purpose of the plans are to allow the kitchen company to accurately as possible quote on the project without having to initially go to site.

Kitchen Choices can also send photos of the area to your kitchen company and is also available for them to contact us if they have any questions that you cannot answer.

New Years promotional price, limited time.
Fee ranges from $330.00 for a standard design kitchen up to 15 cabinets to $550.00 for larger kitchen designs, but give us a call and let’s talk about it.

Contact us and start the process.