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Flat Packs have come a long way since their original conception. Unfortunately, they have developed a bad name in many circles mainly due to the fact that they are being used in ways that they were not intended to be used.
If you have a ‘L’ shape kitchen with no defined end point and are not looking for anything ‘too fancy’ they can be a great option.

But not all Flat Packs companies are the same. Most Flat Pack Companies have a standard and limited colour, style and size range that you have to design your kitchen around.
What about if they don’t fit properly, I hear you ask. Well, you just put a big panel there to fill in the space.

However, if for example you have a ‘L’ shape kitchen with no defined end points and are not looking for anything ‘out there’ in design – they can be a great option.
There is a place for Flat Pack kitchens, and they can work very well in certain areas and many who see the kitchen will never know it’s a ‘Flat Pack’ kitchen.

The hardware that comes with these types of kitchens; the hinges and draw runners mainly need to be taken into account when looking at a flat pack. Often, they will be of poorer quality to keep the cost lower but may not last very long. Just a little more investment in better quality hardware will pay off in the enjoyment of using your kitchen everyday and last many years longer.

Some Flat Pack companies will just give you all the parts of the cabinets and leave you to put everything together and install it all yourself. Some will put the cabinets together and you install. some can do all installation as well and some can also arrange trades.

Not all Flat Pack companies are the same.

Many Professional kitchen companies use flat pack or ready to assemble kitchens suppliers as well. These are professional companies that deal direct to the industry only and have a higher quality standard than the average discount suppliers and are made here in Melbourne and Australia.

This is where Kitchen Choices as your first point of call will design and advise the best options for your project.

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