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Fully Customised Kitchen

What is a Fully Customised Kitchen with Kitchen Choices?

It’s a complete, all-inclusive kitchen solution from one company.

Every element is specifically designed, sized and manufactured to fit perfectly into its own position. Creativity is not constrained by the standard size of a cabinet.

Inclusive of:

  • Exclusive design from Kitchen Choices.
  • Removal of existing kitchens.
  • Custom cabinet fitting.
  • Plumbing, electrical work, plastering, and carpentry.
  • Removal of walls (if required).
  • Benchtop (stone or the ever-evolving laminate).
  • Project management of trades and services until final handover.

Ideal for those whose time is limited or prefer a hassle-free experience, our service saves you from coordinating multiple trades and marry up timelines.

It’s a wonderful way to build your new kitchen – if you get the right company.
That’s where Kitchen Choices makes the difference with our partner companies.

Contact us and start the process. Don’t forget it’s a Free In Home Consultation.
Limited time only usually $250.00.